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Welcome to the FreeBMP project's wiki!


This is the project wiki of the FreeBMP project. FreeBMP is a cross-platform reimplementation of the classic Software 2000 game "Bundesliga Manager Professional" (aka "The Manager" in English), licensed under the BSD license.

Shortly, you will find more information on the project here.

If you have any questions or already want to know more, feel free to contact rkuebert - at - users dot sourceforge dot net.


File format information

Bundesliga Manager Professional uses proprietary file formats. See the following pages for more information.


Reverse engineering


This are just random thoughts in no particular order about what should be done next:

  • Investigate at which point in time expenses are billed
  • Investigate saving and loading of files
  • Where are team data and league data stored?
  • Where is the sanity check when loading files performed?
  • Where are match facts (goals, cards, chances, ...) stored? How are they computed?
  • Are the palettest stored somewhere in the files? The color palette seems to neither be EGA nor VGA.


A collection of relevant links outside of the project.

The Manager





Reverse Engineering

Bundesliga Manager Hattrick

Bundesliga Manager Hattrick (BMH), published in 1994, three years after BMP, is the follow-up to Bundesliga Manager Professional.

The VGA files are basically identical, only the color palette is different. Unfortunately, it is also different from Eishockey Manager but it should be correct used in the tools.

Eishockey Manager

Eishockey Manager, published in 1993, two years after BMP, is from the ice hockey domain but can be seen as a follow-up of BMP and precursor to BMH

The VGA files are basically identical, only the color palette is different. It has already been extracted and the conversion VGA->Bitmap works, with exception to the stadium extension screen, which has an additional palette.

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